Goma Guar Trading Corporation is a budding organization based in Canada. We are the leading importers of guar gum, from India and other Asian countries extensively for Canadian market.We offer superior quality guar gum products which are supplied safely from the Asian countries meeting the increasing demands of clients based in Canada. In Canada, guar gum is among essential food additives, utilized mainly as an emulsifier, stabilizing, thickening and gelling agent.

Our products are Widely appreciated for its top quality standards as we only procure goods from reliable and reputed vendors. While trading guar gum from Asian countries we make certain that its usage rates as food additives are set as per standards mentioned by the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations. We plan to set up a unique benchmark in the guar gum importing industry by supplying ‘a-cut-above’ food and industrial grade guar gum product.

Our mission:

Our trading company is a one stop destination offering services ranging from consultation ,supplier identification, purchasing, contracting, warehousing, shipping and delivery. We mainly trade the powdered form of guar gum which we bring either from India or other parts of Asia and sell it in Canada.Our product supplies are of optimum quality since we aspire to become one of the major guar gum importers.

We at GGTC, is a professionally managed trading concern with a strong foundation laid by a constantly engaged and highly motivated workforce. As a result, within a brief span of time, we have managed to establish a wide network of clientele which are spread across the Canadian territory.All thanks to our immensely dedicated and hard working team that has helped our organization acquire a commendable position in the Guar Gum trading industry.

Our Vision:

At GGTC, we always keep our focus on meeting international demands of clients in terms of our imported commodity. Moreover, we always strive to position ourselves at the top for which we intend to put stanch efforts in our work. This is what we value the most as it helps in forming a long lasting relationship with our respected customers. Our product preserving and unique packaging methods are ‘one-of-its-kind’ which is regularly maintained by our experts. At GGTC, we endeavor to create our own niche by providing superior product which is delivered within stipulated timeframe.

Guar Gum products traded by us are used in multiple industries…

  • Guar Gum is a basic food additive mainly utilized as a stabilizer, thickener as well as emulsifier in a wide range of processed food products like dairy products, baked food items, jams and jellies, canned or tinned vegetables, fruits and so on.
  • When refined heavily, guar gum is utilized as a thickening agent in soft ice creams, a preservative in cheese, whipped cream substitutes and instant puddings and as a meat binder.
  • Apart from food processing industry, guar gum is extensively used for industrial applications, for example as a waterproofing agent in explosives, a thickener in the cosmetic industry, a binder in the pharmaceutical industry and as a controlling property in the gas and oil industry.
  • Guar Gum is also utilized in oil well drilling industry in the form of a colloid that helps to reduce water losses. Guar Gum is highly beneficial in regulating the thickness of the mud mixture while stabilizing and controlling the flow properties of the drilling  mud.

For trade enquiries write to info@ggtc.ca